A better way to sponsor indie content

“If advertising on a podcast were self-serve like Facebook I would do it in a second.”

Sponsor a podcast with Spots

For businesses, sponsoring an indie podcast, blog, newsletter, or YouTube channel is frustrating.

You have to manually contact the creator, find out their rates, book a spot, send them your assets, and then wait for them to invoice you.

For creators, dealing with sponsors is a pain. Collecting their assets, receiving checks in the mail, sending payment reminders.

Spots.fm is a platform that enables creatives (podcasters, YouTubers, bloggers) to sell their own ad spots.

Creators set up their available ad inventory. They get to define the cost per spot, and what assets they need from sponsors.

“Sending a Spots link is like sending someone a Calendly link: rather than going back and forth over email, advertisers can choose from available slots. More efficient.” – Matt A.

Advertisers can book those spots directly with a credit card. They secure their spot, upload their assets (logo, talking points), and can be approved within minutes. The ad revenue goes directly into the creative’s Stripe account.

David vs. Goliath: giving indie creators an even playing field

Facebook, YouTube, Google Adwords – these platforms own the online ad world. Facebook doesn’t share ad revenue with creators. And YouTube and Google? They’re offering pennies.

There are also online ad marketplaces that will sell ads for you, but they take a 30% cut of all sales.

Businesses want to advertise on independent media. There’s just too much friction for them to buy those ads.

We want to empower creatives to sell their own spots.


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